Returning to play volleyball after taking a long break

As I made the decision to play volleyball again, the next step was to find a place where I could ease myself back in; nothing overly competitive but not completely beginner either. I did not want to be in a situation that would lead to another volleyball knee injury.  After some research I was able to get in contact with a local volleyball club, which was conducting social pick up games on Fridays. The feeling of stepping onto a gymnasium, not to mention a volleyball court, was like a nostalgia trip full of intense memories and a sense of relief. It was as if the simple act of stepping into a gymnasium subconsciously eased my mind from the strain that I was feeling for the years I was not active in volleyball. The club was the Rossmoyne Volleyball Club, this club was the stepping stone towards my volley to glory.

A few months elapse and I find myself relearning and retouching all of my foundational volleyball skills, which at the time felt trivial, but now have greatly supported my overall increased maturity and understanding of the game. I was able to meet other enthusiastic individuals who were coming out of retirement and were excited to play again. One of these people greatly influenced my maturity and development, Phil. He single handedly, with the facilities that Rossmoyne Volleyball Club provided, got me back in touch with the game and propelled my skills further than where I was previously. I previously thought I held a solid understanding of the game and all its intricacies and strategies, but I quickly learned that my knowledge was quite rudimentary. I knew enough to engage in social volleyball and enjoy myself, but not enough to play a carefully planned, organised and executed competitive game, at least not one out of High school. During this time I was carefully monitoring my knee health and began to incorporate extensive foam rolling after each session to ensure that my muscles did not stressfully tighten. Additionally, I bought another Bauerfeind knee support for my left knee as I began to feel discomfort and pain during and after each volleyball session.

As the indoor volleyball season for 2017 approaches, I believe my preparation has been quite intensive and I am excited to officially step back on the court. While I may never play at full 100% as other competitors, my hunger for  knowledge and understanding in recovery techniques and procedures, as well as injury prevention awareness ensures a solid foundation for my longevity and health in the sport.



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