Playing indoor volleyball with an injury.

4-6 weeks to recover from a mild back strain. 6-8 weeks that I personally prescribe myself so that I can avoid re-injury all together.

It has only been 4/8 weeks into my recovery and I ended up playing 2 hours worth of indoor volleyball. Damn.

The decision to play was made quite lightly, my body had been steadily recovering and strengthening through the various bodyweight exercises that I have been performing. It was because I felt strong and stable that I figured that I would not experience any issues if I played a light game of volleyball. I forgot that I am unable to actually control my intensity when I play, so what I intended to be a light game turned into a high impact game once again. I think I simply forget any pain or injury that I am experiencing when I set foot on the court, the movement of the ball and the potential for greatness always captivates me.

8 weeks without touching a volleyball resulted in a noticeable decrease in my passing and hitting skills. My setting skills were still somewhat competitive, albeit I kept setting too close to the net. It was as if I forgot how to pass or hit optimally, conceptually and in my head I knew what to do but my body would not cooperate. I had a few good receives occasionally, but my lack of consistency was quite frustrating especially since I want to transition into a Libero.

What was noticeable in my spiking was that I did not experience any pain in my jump or landing. I actually felt completely pain free while spiking and for a second forgot that I had patellar tendonitis. What was also noticeable was that I could not spike with any notable power so I opted to simply place the ball, hitting light angle shots whenever I had the chance.

It is now 4/8 weeks into my recovery and my knees currently still ache from that volleyball game. I did not realise that a 2 hour session of volleyball would result in my knee aggravating to this extent for this long. I suppose this is the price that I pay for rushing my recovery, nothing humbles you more than your own body screaming at you to slow down. I will play again this week to test my skills and satiate my need to play, but hopefully I am able to control myself!


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