Playing volleyball while injured – Week 2

5/8 weeks for my supposed full recovery from my back strain injury, another week where I played a 2 hour session of indoor hardcourt volleyball.

I had spent the previous week recovering from the last 2 hour session, my knees having not made a full recovery since then. They did feel sore and they did ache, but the pain was not debilitating since I have already gotten accustomed to it and understand how far I can push myself. Besides that, returning to play indoor hardcourt volleyball was more to test the condition of my back strain than the function and health of my knees.

I used this week to adjust the style of my approach, where in the past I would approach rather upright and thus generate a majority of my leap force through my quadricep muscles, this time I started closer to the ground with my knees and hips further bent so that I actively used my posterior (Glutes and Hamstrings) muscles to a greater extent. I have identified that the source of my patellar tendonitis came from the overuse and dependence of my quadricep muscles having to generate all my leaping force. With my knees having yet to be fully recovered from the previous week, this adjustment in my approach greatly reduced the impact forces that my knees and joints normally absorb. I felt more agile, I could jump higher and for much longer, and most importantly, the knee pain was not as noticeable.

It is ultimately my goal to treat my patellar tendonitis, however I have reached the point where my condition is already chronically affecting me. I can either choose to simply rest and not play volleyball again, or adjust my trainings to address my weaknesses that resulted in my initial patellar tendonitis condition and persevere. Looking back at this point 5 years from now, I may consider myself to be incredibly stubborn, as I know I must be portrayed right now, but I cannot accept that this condition forever robs me of my passion for playing volleyball. I suppose I could simply become a fan and observer, or even transition into a coaching role, however I know, no matter what, I will always want to play. Up until my body breaks, I probably will still continue to play. This does not mean I will push myself until I break, but if it breaks due to naturally deteriorating without myself addressing the issues, then that will be the time to reassess my passion for playing.


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